Yr 5 - Pine

Welcome to Pine Class!


The chairs have been removed! Pine class got a bit of a shock this morning when they walked into class and found that all of the chairs had been confiscated. The children have been learning about the different uses and features of letter writing. In today’s lesson, the children were given the opportunity to write a formal letter to Mr Doughty to try and persuade him to give their chairs back.

In Music lessons, the children have been participating in the Charranga keyboard beginners unit. The children have taken to playing the keyboard very confidently using the correct fingers for the notes they have learnt so far, middle C, D and E. I hope you enjoy some of the musical talents I  have been able to recorded so far.


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During our weekly sketch sessions, the children of Pine class have been practising symmetry sketching. The children took a lot of time and care to produce these animal sketches using a range of sketching techniques and explored the use of different pencil gradings to create light and dark patches in their work.

During our ZONES of Regulation lessons, the children have been exploring the different emotions we feel when we find ourselves in the green, blue, red and yellow zones. We have a lovely discussion about what might happen to us to make us go into different zones and how we can help each other back into the green zone. Can you guess what emotions we are showing in these photos?

In Pine Class, we have been working practically to build the biggest numbers we have ever worked with. All the way up to 1 million. The children have explored the use of place value charts and counters to represent 6-digit numbers in different ways.