Yr 5 - Pine

Welcome to Pine Class!


In our ZONES of regulation lessons, we have been learning more about the different ways we might feel when we are in the yellow, red and blue zone. Together, we have come up with tools and strategies we can use to help us return to the green zone. We had fun doing a drama activity where we tried to create all the emotions on the ZONES board. Can you guess how we are feeling?

For Jeans 4 Genes day, we learnt about different genetic disorders which impact the lives of thousands of children around the country. We learnt about the impact our fundraising has on children’s lives including special equipment, medical research and family support. We learnt about the forming of our genetics from our parents and created our own DNA using delicious sweets.

We recently went on a nature walk around the school grounds, searching for plants which reproduced sexually and asexually. The children did all the photography and I am so impressed with what they managed to shoot. Here is a sample of the wonderful photos taken.

In English, we have been studying Treason by Berlie Doherty. To deepen our understanding of the characters we created freeze frames and thought bubbles from a very emotional scene. These drama techniques lead to some wonderful acting and impressive writing. The story is very thought provoking and the class are having many high level discussions about Tudor civilisation.

In Science this term, we are learning about the reproduction of plants. To understand this, we needed to learn many new pieces of vocabulary including the parts of the plant which contributed to reproduction. To do this, we had a great time dissecting lilys and labelling the parts. Pine class smelt wonderful!

A warm welcome to everyone as they start their year 5 journey. I am pleased to see happy faces and enthusiastic learners on the first day of term. The children looked very smart and had a wonderful first day setting our expectations for the year. I am very excited for the journey we will be taking together in Pine Class this year.

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