Who's Who

Come and meet the teaching staff at our school!

Michael Doughty


Safeguarding Lead


Sam Lambert

Assistant Head

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Acorns (Nursery & Reception) Class Teacher 

Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Leader

Assessment lead


Caty Elwes

Cherry (Year 1) Class Teacher


Emily Taylor

Maple (Year 2) Class Teacher

Subject Leader for Music and R.E


Amanda Minogue

Birch (Year 3) Class Teacher


Sean Huggett

Willow (Year 4) Class Teacher

Subject Leader for Science and D&T


Jed Smith

Pine (Year 5) Class Teacher

Subject Leader for Art, History and Geography


Rachael Alcock

Oak (Year 6) class teacher

Subject Leader for Literacy and PSHE


Fiona Gomes


Subject Leader for Maths 


Lissy Nixon

Inclusion Leader and SENCo

Deputy Safeguarding Lead


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