Yr 3 - Birch

Welcome to Birch Class!



Year 3 have been BUZZZY extracting honey from the beehives. If you would like to buy our honey, please enquire at the school office.

Birch Class made Diva lamps. We lit these and thought about some of the difficulties we have faced this year.

We have been investigating packaging. First, we looked at what information is shown on packaging from shops. We then investigated nets, including drawing our own. We learnt new skills such as laminating, scoring, measuring and assembling. Finally, we designed our own packaging for a Christmas bauble and then had a go at making it. What do you think?

This week, Birch class have been investigating light.

Birch class have been learning how to write algorithms. The children wrote these manually first and then inputted their commands into a computer.

Birch children investigated which coin could hold the most drops of water and which biscuit could be dunked the most times.

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