Yr 3 - Birch

Welcome to Birch Class!



Birch class showcased their art work at the Gibberd Gallery to the general public. The children spoke confidently about the techniques they used in their work, the inspiration for the pieces and why their passion was important to them. A spectacular evening celebrating the children's work.

Birch class continued learning about The Romans through their Roman Immersion Day. The children learnt about and made aqueducts and mosaics. They looked fabulous dressed up as Romans. What do you think?

Year 3 enjoyed their school trip to The Natural History Museum, London, earlier this week. The children enjoyed looking at the different exhibits. They finally got to meet the famous scientist Mary Anning! She was very impressed with how much they knew about her life.

We created our own museum about the life of Mary Anning. Children from St James came to visit our museum and enjoyed looking at our work. We were very proud of what we had produced and spoke very confidently to the older children!

We have been learning about rhythm and pulse. We learnt how to record down our own simple musical notation.

We used Google maps to compare Lyme Regis to Harlow. It felt as if we were there, retracing the footsteps of Mary Anning.

We pretended we were Mary Anning and wrote a diary entrance with quills.

We had a go at making our own mythical sea creatures.

Birch Class started their People, Passions and Progress topic with a fossil treasure hunt. We had so much fun looking for different 'curiosities'

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