Yr 3 - Birch

Welcome to Birch Class!



Birch Class have been working scientifically. They made shadow puppets as part of their studies of ‘Light and dark’.

We have been working collaboratively to write a interview script.

We have been learning to play the recorders.

We were very proud today to give one of our pupils a Head teachers certificate for receiving ten green merit slips.

This term,Birch class have been learning about light in Science. They have investigating why we need light to see objects and what happens when light is absent. In this investigation they learnt about shadows and were testing a range of materials to see how shadows are made. They recorded their findings in a chart, firstly making a prediction and then recording their results after their investigations and lastly, comparing the findings.

Birch class celebrating green merit rewards for their great work!😊

Birch class have been creating a dance routine in gymnastics and rehearsing the routines to music.

Birch class have been studying Hinduism and the importance of ‘family’. We have looked at family values in the Hinduism and compared these to other religions and countries around the world and created a collage with all the important values; love, respect, a home, safety, joy, kindness and friendship.

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