Yr 2 - Maple

Welcome to Maple Class!

“Maple Class have been learning about using black and white paint to create tints and tones this week.”

“As part of the Year 2 Journey to Another Place topic, we have been learning traditional dances from the different countries of the UK. This week it was a Scottish Jig.”

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We linked our History learning about the Great Fire of London to Science and thought about what shape the boats might have been that carried their belongings to safety across the River Thames. In groups, we moulded foil into a boat and then tested to see which boat held the most 2ps without letting water in or sinking. We discovered that the boats with flat bottoms and high sides carried the most (And that they mustn’t have holes in!).

“Year 2 enjoyed a visit from a firefighter. They learnt about the creation of the fire service after the Great Fire of London in 1666 and how it has changed since then.”

“We enjoyed exploring the school site to solve a problem during our PE session!”

“We used items from around the room, and our imaginations, to act out a new adventure for Traction Man ready for writing.”

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