Yr 2 - Maple

Welcome to Maple Class!

Click on this link below to access our news report we have made about the Great Fire of London. 

"We learnt about the scientist Robert Hooke, who lived in the time of the Great Fire of London. Then we had a go at drawing what he saw under the microscope!"

In Maths we used a part-whole model to develop our understanding of the numbers to 100.

As part of our Traction Man work, we made story boxes and acted out the story so far.

"This week in Maths, we have been working on counting and place value within 20. We worked particularly hard on counting backwards!"

"Last week, we had a strange new alien friend arrive and wrote him leaflets to tell him about Earth. This morning, we arrived in the classroom to find him reading them!"

"In Maths, we worked with a range of apparatus to practise counting and making numbers up to 20."

"Year 2 visited the copse today to explore. We went for a scavenger hunt, planted wildflower seeds, looked for insects and made bird feeders."

"Our Maths this week has been based around number games, giving the children a chance to work together as well as giving reminders about numbers."

"Year 2 started some Science learning about plants, thinking about how healthy plants grow. They each planted their own bulb to observe over the year and hopefully see them bloom in March/April! We also thought about how to keep our outside space looking nice and removed the weeds."

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