Welcome to our Governors’ section


Please find below details of how our Local Governing Body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor. 


GovernorRoleResponsibilitiesDate of appointmentTerm Appointed byBusiness and pecuniary interestsAttendance (previous academic year)
Sue Cook Temporary Chair of Governors 23/07/20204 yearsGB/Board

Director at Create Room



100% (3 of 3 meetings)
Peter JonesParent Governor


Health & Safety

01/07/20174 yearsGB/Board

- Douglas Jones Phillips Ltd


100% (3 of 3 meetings)
Clare O'SullivanLocal governor



24/01/20184 yearsGB/Board

-  Trustee at Parallel Histories 

- PTI Leadership Programme

33% (1 of 3 meetings)
Mary EvansExecutive headteacher 01/09/20174 yearsAcademy members

- Director at Harlow Education Trust

- Harlow Health Centres Trust

- Harlow Civic Society

Gibberd Garden Trust

- Lifetime Financial Consulting Ltd

- Sister in Law works at Milwards

100% (3 of 3 meetings)
Kerry CoeLocal governor


Stakeholder engagement

04/07/20194 yearsGB/BoardNONE100% (3 of 3 meetings)
Michael DoughtyLocal Governor 01/09/20214 YearsGB/BoardNONE100% (3 of 3 meetings)
Sam LambertAssociate Member 01/09/20214 YearsGB/BoardNONE100% (3 of 3 meetings)

Jacqueline Yeomans




 10/03/20224 YearsGB/BoardNONE0% (0 of 1 meetings)
Lianne Sherry



 09/05/20224 YearsGB/BoardNONE0% (0 of 1 meetings)
Andreas Evangeli - 05/12/20224 YearsGB/Board- 


Former Governors (those who have left within the last 12 months)



Governor nameRoleDate of appointmentTerm of officeDate of departureAppointed byBusiness and pecuniary interestsAttendance record (previous academic year)
Charlotte WardLocal Governor02/02/2020 11/07/2022GB/BoardNONE0% (0 of 3 meetings)
Stefania TrovatoLocal Governor02/02/2020 11/07/2022GB/BoardNONE0% (0 of 3 meetings)




Governance within the Harlow Inspirational Learning Trust



Within the Harlow Inspirational Learning Trust (HILT), the ultimate strategic decision-making body is the Board of Trustees (sometimes referred to as the Trust Board of Directors). It is the responsibility of the Trustees to hold the executive headteacher to account, and to provide challenge and support to ensure the Trust fulfils its charitable remit, which is to deliver high-quality education to all our pupils.


Above the Board of Trustees is a committee of Members who are responsible for scrutinising the actions of the Board. Members appoint the Trustees, and can remove them if they are unhappy with their performance.


Under the Board of Directors sit three committees: the Finance, Audit and Strategy Committee – which takes a detailed look at finance, premises, health and safety and other matters on behalf of the Board – and the two Local Governing Bodies, one at Milwards and one at Henry Moore.


The job of the Local Governing Bodies is to be the eyes and ears of the Trust at the local level, and to monitor and report on whether the Trust’s strategic objectives and policies are being met. But the Local Governing Bodies also represent the views and needs of the school and its stakeholders within the Trust, so that Trust policies and decisions can take those views and needs into account.


The roles and responsibilities of these different layers of governance are set out in the Trust's Scheme of Delegation.