Subject Pages

'I hear and I forget

 I see and I remember

        I do and I understand'        

(An Old Chinese Proverb)



  • To provide an exciting, high quality, broad and balanced curriculum
  • To develop independent learners with open, enquiring minds
  • To expose children to new experiences and learning that will inspire them.
  • To meet every child’s needs to take them to their potential and equip them for the future.
  • To inspire children to have high aspirations for themselves now and into the future.
  • To create links to local organisations and businesses to open minds, develop citizenship, and provide local workers with an investment in the town.




  • SLT regularly reviews curriculum and its needs.
  • SLT ensures that all teachers plan their curriculum with the intent in mind.
  • SLT monitor the curriculum with the subject leaders and address issues when necessary.
  • Assessment systems support next step planning and accurate knowledge of pupil standards.
  • Governors had curriculum presentations within meetings to advise them of current initiatives.
  • Subject leaders attend all update training and advise SLT, and staff of changes required.
  • Subject leaders provide up to date curriculum maps, advice and assessment systems for teachers.
  • Staff to plan lessons using a range of strategies and learning opportunities to develop thinking and enquiry skills.
  • Teachers plan with authentic outcomes-often linked to local organisations.
  • Subject leaders to ensure that curriculum support materials are frequently reviewed linking to the curriculum and ensuring that staff are aware of them.
  • Subject leaders ensure that update training is provided for staff when necessary.
  • Budget is set in line with prioritised curriculum needs.




  • A constantly reviewed, updated, high quality curriculum.
  • An engaged, up to date staff with high aspirations for the children
  • Children achieve their potential.
  • Children enjoy learning.
  • Children discover what they are good at and enjoy/develop these things to a high standard.
  • Children become engaged, enthusiastic lifelong learners.
  • Citizenship. Children take a pride in the community in which they live and feel that they are stakeholders in it. They see a future within the community.
  • Subject leaders drive the curriculum.
  • Governors are informed about the curriculum, sharing the intent/ambitions for the Trust.