EYFS Elm & Ash

Welcome to EYFS!

This what we have been up to in Nursery and Reception this year.



Look at what we created from our junk modelling. We made the giants castle at the top of the beanstalk.

Today we made beanstalks that were taller than us, then taller than the grown ups then as tall as the ceiling!

Look how big our tadpoles are getting!

Ducklings. We were so excited, we had duckling eggs in our class and we got to watch them hatch and then observe and play with the ducklings.

We have turned ourselves into Elves! We used the scissors and had to carefully fold the paper to make arms and legs. We hope Santa will like his new helpers.

We have been reading the story 'The Naughty Bus.' We made our own buses out of wood using a variety of tools.

We have been talking about places we like at school and what we like to do there. These are some of our favourite things to do so far.

Conkers, we're collecting conkers!

We have been creating our portraits, what do you think?

What a start! We have been having so much fun since we have started in EYFS!

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