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Willow class trip to Lincolnsfield 2018

Willow class are being evacuated on Wednesday 25th April!

Children need to arrive at school as normal on Wednesday - 8:50 at the classroom entrance.

Please make sure they have a packed lunch and a drink! (Do not pack this in their suitcase!)

They can wear non school uniform - but make sure clothes are practical please. They need to bring their evacuee costume with them in their suitcase.

The coach is due to leave at 9:30.

Day 1 - Evacuation - 4th September 1939

We all arrived safely at The Lincolnsfield Centre. We have experienced life at school in the 1940s and seen the differences between then and now. We also discovered the differences between our lunch and the lunch children during the war would have had. The spycatcher trail was great fun and the Spitfire group solved the clues first, finding the field telephone and stopping the spys! Everyone has had a lovely dinner and are preparing their rooms before a game of rounders on the field.


Day 2 - Rationing in full swing - 7th September 1942

We all slept well and are dressed and reading for our day in 1942. Everone looks amazing!  Such a busy day! We have visited a 1930s house and compared it to our modern day houses - and even tried out a Morrison shelter! We have visited the Dig for Victory garden and helped extinguish a firebomb! We've visited the cinema and watched the Pathe news reels. We took a trip on an original Dodge Weapons carrier and visited the Blitz experience. Stan - an original WW2 soldier told us about his experiences and let us try out some of the equipment he used. Finally we visited the farm to see the animals that people would have farmed during the war to top up hteier rations. 


Day 3 - VE day celebrations - 8th May 1945

  All the children took part in the party preparations and had a great time celebrating the end of the war. Victory in Europe!

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