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Can you gain your I for Independent sticker?






There are five challenges which the children can choose to do at least three of them:

  1. To put my coat on by myself;
  2. To try different foods;
  3. To remember to pack my reading book in my bag everyday;
  4. To go to the toilet all by myself and flush the toilet;
  5. To wash my hands after I have been to the toilet and before snack and lunch.


Check that your books are in your book bag and carry it to school every day.

Take part in preparing your breakfast (spread butter on the toast and cut it up, tip the cereal into the bowl, pour milk from a small jug.

Lay the table and pour juice/ water from a small jug into your glass


Get school uniform out and get dressed for school/put dirty clothes in the washing basket

Carry own bags all the way to school from home and pass on messages/letters/

homework to the teacher.

Make a sandwich.


You are 'in charge' of your book bag! Choose a place to keep it and remember to bring it to school every day with the books in it.

To bring pencil case and equipment to school everyday.

Make your bed without any help.


Come into class and pass messages to Miss Elven independently

Help to wash up once per week. 

Vacuum and tidy your room once per week


Make sure that your PE kit is in school every day.

Complete your homework on your own.

Help to make a meal for your family.


 Do the washing up

Put the shopping away

Change sheets and duvet on own bed

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